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All IPLs are Not Created Equal


As in life, the saying is true for the aesthetic industry- “you get what you pay for.” Intense Pulsed Light systems (otherwise known as IPL systems) have been around as early as 1995 to treat telangiectasia. But that doesn’t necessarily mean an IPL system of the past can do what today’s systems can do. Even a system 10 years ago cannot stand up to the innovations made in the last few years. Technology is ever-changing no matter what industry you’re in and aesthetics is no different.

Increased Accuracy

One of the most popular IPL uses is the treatment of pigmented lesions, aka “sun spots.” Ideally, IPL treatments target the higher melanin content found in sunspots; sufficiently heating the targeted area to induce controlled damage, with little effect on the surrounding tissue. In the past, practitioners would estimate the melanin content in the client’s skin in order to input the appropriate settings. If the practitioner incorrectly assessed the level of pigment in a client’s skin, the chances of greater discomfort and burning were greatly increased.

Now, IPL systems such as the Palomar Icon, come with “melanin readers” which provide a more accurate assessment of each clients’ skin type. With more exact measures, experienced practitioners can input IPL settings based on objective analysis. The result? Not only are treatments using this technology safer, but more effective.

Less Discomfort

Advances don’t stop at skin identification either. Client comfort is a top priority for all IPL manufacturers and new technologies geared toward minimizing discomfort, prove it. Because the distribution of heat is how pigmented lesions are treated using IPL, it is not surprising that overheating and burning were common complaints. The melanin reader, discussed previously, is one advancement that significantly minimizes accidents related to incorrect settings. However, even if settings are correct, clients can experience discomfort. Not surprisingly, technological advancements have addressed this as well. IPL systems such as the Palomar Icon have developed advanced cooling mechanisms which maintain the temperature of the hand piece (which is in contact with the skin) at a constant 41 degrees. Consequently, with this technology, burns or discomfort as a result of the hand piece temperature are a thing of the past.

More Effective

Energy is the key when it comes to IPL efficacy. Ideally, the IPL system must possess enough energy to deliver heat sufficient to provide controlled damage to the target area. Without enough energy, the system can’t deliver enough heat to break up the pigment into small particles which eventually raise to the surface. The Palomar Icon is the most powerful laser and optimized light aesthetic platform on the market today.

Finally, although laser technology is an indicator of overall efficacy of treatment, equally important is the experience and knowledge of the practitioner. Certified, trained and experienced technicians are essential in providing not only an effective treatment, but a safe one.

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A Few Things You Should Know About Micro Needling

I’m sitting down with Sam, our micro needling specialist, to answer a few questions about the procedure.

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Today I’m chatting with Sam who specializes in micro needling here at Living Well to answer a few common questions about the procedure.

1. How does the process of micro needling work? The first thing we do for the patient’s comfort is apply topical numbing cream for about 10 minutes. The needles we use are very tiny, so the most a patient will feel is a little bit of pressure.

2. How long is the downtime for a micro needling procedure? There really isn’t any true downtime. The patient leaves with a little bit of pinkness to the skin, possibly a tiny bit of pinpoint bleeding, but the next day they can apply makeup as usual.

3. What sets our micro needling procedure apart from others? During our procedure, we infuse the skin with a human growth factor instead of hyaluronic acid like in most procedures. Hyaluronic acid isn’t necessarily bad for the skin, but you’re not getting the benefits that you would from a human growth factor. Overall, we get better results.

If you have any other questions about micro needling or any other services we offer, please feel free to give us a call or send us an email to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Rejuvenate With Our Skincare Specials

skincare specials

There’s nothing quite like a glowing complexion in the summertime. Our June specials will help get your skin ready for a day at the beach or a trip to your favorite amusement park. Summer beauty should look effortless, but that doesn’t mean you can always achieve it without a little help. Call today and schedule your treatments.

Dermal Fillers – $100 Off Any 2 Syringes

Sagging skin? Dermal fillers may be the solution. These injectable fillers can restore volume to aging skin. We often use them on patients who have jowls, deep lines and wrinkles, or a persistently sad appearance. Dermal fillers can also enhance the lips, smooth lines and wrinkles, and restore a youthful appearance to the skin, all with little to no downtime.

Buy 2 syringes of any dermal filler this month and save $100.

20% Off Epionce Renewal

Are you using the right skincare products at home? In-office cosmetic treatments can yield stunning results, but they aren’t the only path to beautiful skin. You’d be surprised what a difference medical grade skincare products can make. Pair high quality products with our in-office treatments for skin that approaches perfection.

The Epionce Renewal products are a customer and staff favorite here at Living Well Skin. They feature active botanical ingredients that work at the core of your skin’s own protective and reparative systems. Rooted in hard science, these products often win when tested against other top, prescription-strength products.

All Epionce products are 20% off this month.

Try Laser Genesis for Just $250

Whatever your age or life stage, Laser Genesis can help you achieve your best skin. We often use this as a “complexion laser” to clear acne on your younger patients. Patients in their 30s and 40s may benefit from its skin tightening and pore-shrinking abilities. Older patients use Laser Genesis to lift and tighten aging skin.

Through June, Laser Genesis treatments are just $250—a savings of $100.

Don’t know what to try? Come in for a free consultation to create a long term treatment plan. Call today!

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Brotox!? The Case for Men and Botox®

Botox for men

Men—if you’re not using Botox®, you’re missing out on a chance at rejuvenation. In recent years, Botox® has gained a lot of popularity among male patients, even earning itself the nickname “Brotox”. This powerful neuromodulator is an effective cosmetic treatment and much more. Botox® can help you look better and feel better. Call us and learn more about Botox® and how it can benefit our male patients.

Botox® for Wrinkles

Got wrinkles? Botox® can help them fade away. This treatment is a favorite among men who want to retain their good looks, even as they age. You won’t look younger, per se, or any less wise, but rather less tired and more energetic. Music mogul Simon Cowell is an outspoken lover of Botox®. This treatment can help fade wrinkles caused by muscle movement, including crow’s feet and frown lines. You’ll start to see results in just a few days, and will enjoy the improvement for about four months.

If you want Botox® to be our little secret, it can. Our injectors are known for their natural looking results. Improvement is noticeable and, yet, still subtle. When properly injected, Botox® patients can still make normal facial expressions (no frozen faces here!). Our injectors are highly skilled in using Botox® on male skin, which tends to be thicker and oilier than a woman’s.

Botox® for Excessive Sweating

Our male patients also love that Botox® can treat severe sweating. If you find yourself changing shirts in the middle of the day or worrying about pit stains, Botox® can help. This treatment can block the chemical signals that stimulate sweat glands, resulting in a dramatic reduction in underarm sweat. Results last 4-7 months and can be maintained with retreatment.

This treatment is safe—you’ll continue to sweat regularly everywhere but under the arms, and your pores will not get clogged.

Are you interested in learning more about “Brotox”? Our male patients love Botox® and we’re certain that you will, too.

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Dr. Pfefer joins ehealth radio to discuss Voluma XC

Dr. Chad Pfefer, Medical Director of Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser located in Portland, Oregon joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information and Skin Care Channels to discuss dermal filler Voluma XC.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Chad Pfefer discuss the following:

  • What is Voluma XC? What are your recommendations for someone considering Voluma XC?
  • What are reasons someone would use Voluma XC?
  • What other treatments can Voluma XC be combined with for more outstanding results?
  • What does the Voluma XC treatment entail? What is recovery like?
  • What are the complications associated with Voluma XC?
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It’s All About the Lips!

Kim Pfefer, Living Well Skin’s Administrator, discusses her favorite treatment:

Lip Enhancement, and looks at illustrations of how a simple lip treatment can soften the face.



Contact us today to schedule your Lip Enhancement treatment!

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April Showers Bring May Flowers … and Skincare Specials!

spring skin rejuvenation specials

Spring is a time of rejuvenation, and we want to help your skin get in on the fun. Our April specials will help you discover your best skin. Call and book your treatments today. These offers won’t last long, and these special prices are only good through April.

Banish Rosacea’s Redness

Living with rosacea can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but there are many treatment options available. Don’t endure this common skin condition in silence; ask us about our rosacea treatment package. This month, you can purchase a package of 3 rosacea treatments for just $1,200. Our experienced providers will create a customized treatment plan that focuses on your skin’s unique needs. Reduce redness, irritation, and other common signs of rosacea this spring to enjoy beautiful skin all summer.

Rejuvenate Your Cheeks Without Surgery

If your cheeks have lost their youthful appearance, come in for a Juvéderm® Voluma treatment. This hyaluronic acid filler has the unique ability to lift the cheeks and fill the temples, reducing lower face jowls. It’s a long lasting investment, as one treatment can last up to two years.  If you’ve wanted to try Voluma, this month is the perfect time. If you purchase two syringes of Voluma, we’ll take 50% off of a syringe of Juvéderm® XC. Plump up your lips or fill in wrinkles without breaking the bank.

Discover Your Best Skin

Gorgeous skin sans surgery is possible. Our microneedling treatments can build collagen, erase acne scars, improve skin texture, and fade wrinkles. Microneedling uses a specialized tool to create micro-injuries across the face. This creates pathways for hyaluronic acid to nourish and rejuvenate the skin. As the skin heals, new collagen is created. Microneedling utilizes your body’s own healing power to create radiant, glowing skin. Throughout April, you can enjoy 1 microneedling treatment for just $250, or book a series of 3 treatments for just $600.

Renew Your Skin

Gorgeous skin starts at home. The Epionce Renewals product line is our most popular line for our patients’ at-home skin care needs. These powerful products can fade lines and wrinkles and improve the clarity of your skin. April is the perfect time to stock up, as all Epionce Renewals products are discounted 20%.

Secure your savings today!

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Discover the Many Uses of Botox®

uses for Botox<sup>®</sup>

Think Botox® is just for creases and lines? You’re missing out on the many possibilities this versatile treatment can provide. Although Botox® is definitely a favorite line and creases treatment here at Living Well Skin, it has many other uses, too. Call today and learn more about Botox®!

Botox® as a Wrinkle Treatment

When it comes to creases and lines caused by squinting, smiling and other facial expressions, few can compete with Botox®. A powerful neuromodulator, Botox® works by calming muscles that cause certain types of lines. The medication decreases the muscle contraction which is causing the line or crease.  Even deep lines and creases between the brows and along the forehead will fade with time as the muscle is prevented from over-contracting. Botox® is highly effective at treating crow’s feet, lines between the brows, and forehead wrinkles. We offer both Botox® and Dysport, a similar neuromodulator treatment.

Botulinum toxin treatments like Botox® are the most popular minimally invasive cosmetic treatment in the U.S. Botox® has been safely used to treat wrinkles since its FDA approval for cosmetic use in 2002. Last year, 6.7 million cosmetic botulinum toxin treatments were performed in the U.S.

Botox® for Headaches

If you suffer from tension headaches or migraines, ask us about Botox®. This treatment is FDA approved to treat chronic migraines in adults. It is an effective method for combatting the debilitating pain many adults experience. Botox® is an effective headache treatment due to the fact that most headaches involve some degree of muscle tension or spasm. During treatment, Botox® is injected into specific areas on the face, head, and neck that are causing specific spasms. This allows the muscles to relax and eases muscle tension. The goal of treatment is to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches, reduce dependence on other medications, and to improve quality of life. Treatment is typically repeated every three months as the medication wears off.

Botox® for Severe Sweating

Are you embarrassed to raise your arms due to fear of underarm wetness? Botox® could be the solution. If you’re unable to control your sweating (hyperhidrosis)with over the counter treatments and find that your sweating is so severe that it interferes with your daily life, you could be a good candidate for Botox®. This medication can be used to treat excessive sweating.

Botox® can reduce severe sweating by blocking chemical signals from the nerves that stimulate the sweat glands. When sweat glands aren’t receiving chemical signals, they stop producing sweat. Botox® for hyperhidrosis is safe and effective. You’ll stop sweating excessively under the arms, but will continue to sweat normally elsewhere. Re-treatment is needed every 4-7 months.

Botox® for Neck Bands

Botox® can also be used to relax and smooth prominent neck muscle bands and vertical lines across the neck. The treatment takes just 30 minutes, and results are visible in about 5 days.

Botox® Can Also…

In addition to the many Botox® treatments we offer at Living Well Skin, Botox® is also used by other doctors to treat a variety of medical conditions, including overactive bladder, blepharospasm, movement disorders, Bells’ palsy, tennis elbow, MS, and some types of tremors.

What can Botox® do for you?

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Banish Wrinkles with No Downtime. Discover LED Light Therapy.

LED Light Therapy

We know you’re busy, but that doesn’t mean that beautiful skin is out of reach. With LED light therapy, you can discover your best skin without downtime. LED light therapy is completely non-invasive. Come in, get treatment, and head right back to life. It’s the anti-aging treatment for those of us with full to-do lists!

What Is LED Light Therapy?

LED light therapy uses light energy from various wavelengths (colors) to cause photostimulation. This process improves cellular function and can dramatically improve the appearance of your skin.

At Living Well Skin, we customize each LED light therapy treatment to your unique skin care goals and concerns. Our machine uses the colors of red, blue, amber, green, and infrared. The powerful light energy will penetrate deep into the skin at varying depths to treat the skin and its underlying tissues. LED light therapy offers clinically proven results.

This powerful treatment can address a variety of skin conditions and concerns, including:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles.
  • Hypo and Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun Damaged Skin
  • Irritated Skin
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars
  • Acne
  • Blemishes

If you have age-related skin changes such as fine lines and wrinkles, LED therapy could help you to improve the appearance of your skin.

Do I Really Have Time for LED Therapy?

Everyone has time for LED light therapy. The treatment takes less than 30 minutes. During your treatment, you’ll lay back and wear goggles as the light-emitting device treats your skin. We’ll use a combination of some or all of the light frequencies. Most patients find the process to be very relaxing and even enjoyable.

You can leave immediately after your treatment, as there is no recovery period or downtime needed. Most patients need a series of treatments to achieve optimal results, but you should start to see improvement after your very first treatment.

Beautiful skin is possible, even if you’re too busy for downtime. LED light therapy can help you fade wrinkles and discover younger looking skin.

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Stunning Skin Is Just a Chemical Peel Away

chemical peel

Has your skin lost its youthful brilliance? Improve it with a chemical peel. Time-tested and still a skin care favorite, chemical peels can transform your skin. Call today and schedule your chemical peel at the Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser. Flawless skin awaits!

What Is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel uses an acid solution to dissolve the top layers of skin. This creates a controlled wound that jumpstarts your body’s healing processes and stimulates regeneration. Out with the old, tired skin and in with “new” beautiful skin.

Chemical peels are available in a variety of strengths. Stronger peels yield more effective results in fewer treatments, but may require some downtime after treatment. Lighter peels can provide stunning results with no downtime, but you may need several treatments to see results. We can also focus your peel on a specific area (like the knees or elbows). We can help you choose the right peel to fit your lifestyle and your skin’s needs.

I Want Beautiful Skin in Just One Treatment. What Do You Recommend?

One of our most effective options, the VI Peel can produce stunning results in just one treatment. This peel is ideal for patients who want quick results without the need for multiple appointments. It improves skin tone and texture, fights acne, reduces scarring, smoothes lines and wrinkles, and treats sun damage. If you have severe hyperpigmentation, the VI Peel can reverse it with just a few treatments a year and proper home care.

This is a deeper peel, and you may experience peeling for the first couple of days after treatment. Most patients plan for a bit of downtime, just in case. They often find that the results are definitely worth the downtime.

I Have Very Sensitive Skin. Can I Have a Chemical Peel?

We offer the Illuminize Peel for patients with very sensitive skin. This peel is molecularly larger, which means that it penetrates the skin barrier more slowly. The Illuminize Peel is an excellent option for patients with sensitive skin and, because it has anti-inflammatory properties, it can also improve the appearance of skin redness, skin flushing, and rosacea.

I’m Looking for a Gentle, but Effective Peel.

For patients who want a peel that is both gentle and effective, we offer the Vitalize Peel. This is one of our most popular peels, as it provides dramatic rejuvenation without downtime. It is both gentle and powerful, providing noticeable results after the very first treatment.

Rediscover beautiful skin with a chemical peel. With so many options available, we can customize your treatment to your skin’s needs. Call and schedule your treatment today!

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