Pre/Post Care Instructions

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Botox Before And After Treatment Instructions

Before Treatment:

  • Avoid aspirin (any product containing acetylsalicylic acid), vitamin E, St. John’s Wort, and other dietary supplements including: ginko, evening primrose oil, garlic, feverfew, and ginseng for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid ibuprofen (Advil, motrin), Aleve (naprosyn), and alcohol for 2 days.
  • If possible come to your appointment with a cleanly washed face without make-up.


After Treatment:

  • Do not massage the treated areas for the next 4 hours. No facial or microdermabrasion treatments with rubbing or massage for 24 hours.
  • Avoid lying down for 4 hours immediately after treatment. Avoid positions like bending to tie your shoes or Yoga for 4 hours. These positions may make the medication migrate.
  • Avoid applying heat to the treated area on the day of treatment.
  • Avoid activities that cause facial flushing on the day of treatment including consuming alcohol, hot tub or sauna use, exercising, and tanning.
  • Gently apply a cool compress or wrapped ice pack to the treated areas for 15 minutes every few hours as needed to reduce discomfort, swelling, or bruising up to a few days after treatment. When bruising occurs it typically resolves within in 7-10 days

After treatment, oral and/or topical Arnica Montana may help reduce bruising and swelling. You can find Arnica in the natural foods section of your grocery store or local pharmacy. You may also take acetaminophen (Tylenol) to reduce pain. Some patients might have a mild headache after injections. Avoid consuming alcohol, taking aspirin, ibuprofen, Naprosyn, or anti-inflammatory medications within the next 4 hours as they may increase bruising. Routine washing and showering is fine.

Treatment normally takes effect in about 1-2 weeks and lasts 2 1/2 to 4 months.