The Differences Between Neuromodulator (Botox® or Dysport) and Filler

For patients who are just entering the world of medical aesthetics, the jargon of Neuromodulator (Botox® or Dysport), Fillers, and Microneedling Rejuvenation can be a bit confusing. We get questions everyday about the differences between Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers. These are excellent questions, as Neuromodulators and Dermal Fillers work in different ways, and are used together for the best effect.

Dermal fillers typically last from 12-18 months and are sold by the syringe or by the area being treated. We usually say that one syringe is good for one area of one side of the face depending on age and overall volume loss. Even younger people can achieve benefit from fillers by adding volume to the lips, or filling out cheek areas.

The side effects of filler injections are very minor, and typically at most, (5% of people) will experience bruising and swelling in the area of the injection. In order to help prevent bruising, and if it is medically safe for you to do so, be sure to discontinue use of aspirin, ibuprofen, other blood thinners, and alcohol before the procedure. You can also strengthen the skin by taking Arnica (a homeopathic remedy) both orally and applying it topically to the face. Consult with your healthcare provider before stopping use of or taking any new medications.

People often ask if receiving fillers hurts. While you are receiving an injection in your face, the good news is that fillers contain lidocaine – a pain killer, which means that you are being numbed as you are receiving the fillers. Most people experience very little discomfort and will actually feel somewhat numb in the injection area after the procedure.

Injecting filler is an art, and you definitely want to choose a knowledgeable, skilled and experienced provider. Each person’s face is unique and knowing where to add filler and how much, requires a specific knowledge of the mechanisms that allow the face to move. Fillers should look natural, and a skilled provider will know how to make you look like an improved version of yourself.

At Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser, our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality services and patient care. Our providers, Michelle Griffiths, M.A., LE and Samantha Adams, BA, MA, LE, have extensive experience and training in the area of injectables.  They meet with each patient for an in depth consultation to answer any questions or concerns, talk about expectations and with the client’s input, determine a personalized long term treatment plan.

In aesthetics, as in life, skill and care matter.  Here at Living Well Skin, our providers have been working, training and perfecting their art for over a decade.  You will know you’re in good hands with our team of professionals.

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Results may vary per patient.

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Results may vary per patient.