Illuminize & Revitalize Chemical Peels

Illuminize & Revitalize Chemical Peels 2017-06-11T10:17:46+00:00
Janice Seitzinger

Patient Treated by Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser with Illuminize Peel. Received 2 treatments. Results may vary per patient.

The Illuminize and Vitalize Peels are two separate peels manufactured by Allergan with varying depths.  

The Illuminze Peel

The Illuminize Peel we like to consider the “non-peel” peel.  It is a superficial skin peeling treatment that is safe for all skin types. The Illuminize Peel is molecularly larger causing it to penetrate the skin barrier more slowly. This makes the Illuminize Peel less irritable for people with very sensitive skin. In general, our patients who experience redness, skin flushing or rosacea have benefitted from this peel since it has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, Antibacterial and bactericidal properties of the Illumize Peel can address concerns such as blemishes and oily skin. A series of Illumize Peels can improve skin texture and color as well as decrease fine lines and pore size. This treatment has little to no post procedure downtime. It is ideal as a once per month “maintenance peel” for those who suffer skin conditions such as rosacea and acne.

The Vitalize Peel

The Vitalize Peel is one of the most popular chemical peels performed today. Gentle on the skin, the Vitalize Peel is different from most traditional ‘deep’ peels, and requires little recovery time. It does, however, dramatically rejuvenate the skin by improving texture and tone. The Vitalize Peel will also decrease the appearance of acne and scarring, as well as melasma (dark brown patches on the face).

Appropriate for all skin tones and ethnicities, the Vitalize Peel is considered safe and extremely effective. Noticeable improvement can be seen after a single treatment. When used in a series, or with complimentary modalities, the Vitalize Peel can provide patients with dramatic results.


A complimentary consultation by Living Well Skin’s highly experienced and skilled Providers will help determine which chemical peel treatment or other modality is right for you.