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Laser Genesis is part of the new wave of laser technology that is non-ablative. Gone are days where we used lasers to burn the skin in order to re-generate.  Rather, this laser technology causes collagen and elastin production without damaging the the epidermis.  It can be used for all age groups- in teens and twenties as a “complexion laser” to significantly reduce acne, in thirties and forties to tighten skin and shrink pore size and in forties and beyond to lift and tighten the skin to it’s natural, healthy appearance.  It is in fact, a highly effective laser facial that is scientifically proven.

We love the Genesis V Laser treatments because they have zero downtime.  Patients can immediately return to work or play directly after treatment.  It’s also very safe.  The laser bypasses the outer layer of skin, avoiding any damage to the epidermis, targets the microvasculature while heating up the deeper layers of skin, in effect, tricking the body into naturally producing collagen and elastin.

We use the Genesis V laser to treat these conditions: