LED Light Therapy for Lines and Wrinkles

LED Light Therapy for Lines and Wrinkles 2015-09-03T10:42:16+00:00

LED Light Treatments provided at Living WellBeaverton’s Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser offers one of the most effective Multiwave LED Light Therapy systems for lines and wrinkles.  With 12 patented programs specifically targeted to address one specific skin concern, regular sessions will improve color, diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and create an overall healthy glow.

Wavelengths of LED light help to improve the skin’s barrier function by increasing its ability to retain key elements needed for healing. It does this by using many different colors utilizing different wavelengths  that serve multiple needs but overall, LEDs stimulate skin cells, tissue growth, and circulation.  Red LEDs induce healing and decrease inflammation which can cause premature aging.  Green LEDs repair damaged capillaries and increase blood flow.  Amber LEDs target fine lines and wrinkles and effectively helps improve collagen production.   Infrared LED, which are absorbed the deepest by the body, accelerates the body’s healing capabilities. Overall, a complex sequence of LED colors are used for a no-downtime, anti-aging treatment leaving the skin feeling tightened, toned, and healthy