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Lip enhancement is a simple procedure with many great benefits:

  • An effective way to turn back the clock a few years;
  • Enhances a wonderful (and popular) feature that just adds just “a little something”;
  • Comes with instant gratification;
  • Is a quick and easy procedure for experienced, skilled injectors;
  • Has very little downtime
  • Typically lasts 4 to 6 months;
  • Starts at $600.

Kim Pfefer, Living Well Skin’s Administrator, discusses her favorite treatment:

The providers at Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser in Hillsboro, are experts in lip enhancement.  Whether you’re looking for “just a little plumping” or want a BIG bang, our providers Michelle Griffiths,MA, LE. and Samantha Adams, MA, LE, under the skilled supervision of Dr. Chad Pfefer, MD, have the experience, talent and education to give you the natural looking lips you’ve always wanted and never knew you could have.  With nearly a decade of experience treating hundreds of patients over the years, you know your in safe hands.

At Living Well, we use only “HA” fillers such as Juvéderm® so any treatment can be added to, or reversed.  Patients leave with a bit of swelling which typically lasts a few days and mild bruising can occur at the entry point. Lip filler starts at $550 and typically lasts 4 to 6 months depending on how each patient metabolizes the dermal filler.

Call Living Well today for a free consultation and treat yourself to more perfect lips! 971-327-4365

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Results may vary per patient.

Results may vary per patient.

Kim Pfefer Pre and Post Lips

Results may vary per patient.