All IPLs are Not Created Equal

April 28th, 2017|


As in life, the saying is true for the aesthetic industry- “you get what you pay for.” Intense Pulsed Light systems (otherwise known as IPL systems) have been around as early as 1995 to treat telangiectasia. But that doesn’t necessarily mean an IPL system of the past can do what today’s systems can do. Even a system 10 years ago cannot stand up to the innovations made in the last few years. […]

A Few Things You Should Know About Micro Needling

February 27th, 2017|

I’m sitting down with Sam, our micro needling specialist, to answer a few questions about the procedure.
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Today I’m chatting with Sam who specializes in micro needling here at Living Well to answer a few common questions about the procedure.
1. How does the process of micro needling work? The first thing we do for the patient’s comfort is apply topical numbing cream for about 10 minutes. The needles […]

Rejuvenate With Our Skincare Specials

June 20th, 2016|

skincare specials
There’s nothing quite like a glowing complexion in the summertime. Our June specials will help get your skin ready for a day at the beach or a trip to your favorite amusement park. Summer beauty should look effortless, but that doesn’t mean you can always achieve it without a little help. Call today and schedule your treatments.
Dermal Fillers – $100 […]

Brotox!? The Case for Men and Botox®

April 14th, 2016|

Botox for men
Men—if you’re not using Botox®, you’re missing out on a chance at rejuvenation. In recent years, Botox® has gained a lot of popularity among male patients, even earning itself the nickname “Brotox”. This powerful neuromodulator is an effective cosmetic treatment and much more. Botox® can help you look better and feel better. Call us and learn more about Botox® and […]

Dr. Pfefer joins ehealth radio to discuss Voluma XC

April 14th, 2016|

Dr. Chad Pfefer, Medical Director of Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser located in Portland, Oregon joins eHealth Radio and the Plastic Surgery Information and Skin Care Channels to discuss dermal filler Voluma XC.
Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Chad Pfefer discuss the following:

What is Voluma XC? What are your recommendations for someone considering Voluma XC?
What are reasons someone would use Voluma XC?
What other treatments can Voluma XC be combined with for more outstanding results?
What […]

It’s All About the Lips!

April 13th, 2016|

Kim Pfefer, Living Well Skin’s Administrator, discusses her favorite treatment:
Lip Enhancement, and looks at illustrations of how a simple lip treatment can soften the face.


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April Showers Bring May Flowers … and Skincare Specials!

April 7th, 2016|

spring skin rejuvenation specials
Spring is a time of rejuvenation, and we want to help your skin get in on the fun. Our April specials will help you discover your best skin. Call and book your treatments today. These offers won’t last long, and these special prices are only good through April.
Banish Rosacea’s Redness
Living with rosacea can be embarrassing and uncomfortable, but there […]

Discover the Many Uses of Botox®

March 30th, 2016|

uses for Botox<sup>®</sup>sup<sup>®</sup>/sup
Think Botox® is just for creases and lines? You’re missing out on the many possibilities this versatile treatment can provide. Although Botox® is definitely a favorite line and creases treatment here at Living Well Skin, it has many other uses, too. Call today and learn more about Botox®!
Botox® as a Wrinkle Treatment
When it comes to creases and lines […]

Banish Wrinkles with No Downtime. Discover LED Light Therapy.

March 29th, 2016|

LED Light Therapy
We know you’re busy, but that doesn’t mean that beautiful skin is out of reach. With LED light therapy, you can discover your best skin without downtime. LED light therapy is completely non-invasive. Come in, get treatment, and head right back to life. It’s the anti-aging treatment for those of us with full to-do lists!
What Is LED Light Therapy?
LED light […]

Stunning Skin Is Just a Chemical Peel Away

March 14th, 2016|

chemical peel
Has your skin lost its youthful brilliance? Improve it with a chemical peel. Time-tested and still a skin care favorite, chemical peels can transform your skin. Call today and schedule your chemical peel at the Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser. Flawless skin awaits!
What Is a Chemical Peel?
A chemical peel uses an acid solution to dissolve the top layers of skin. This […]