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Living Well Oncology Focus Group

Heroes in Our Midst: Lessons Learned from Living Well’s Oncology Focus Group

By Dr. Lani Doser, DNP

How long has it been since you had a day or even a moment that you wanted to capture in a bottle? Among the joy and laughter would surely include times of startling courage or authenticity that challenged us to live better. I recently had a few hours like this and wanted to share with you why it was treasure-worthy.

I have always been mission driven. The opportunity to serve others gets me up in the morning and puts a spring in my step. I had high expectations regarding our focus group for those after or receiving immunotherapy (chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplant, and/or surgery). My hopes were met and exceeded. The brave men and women that spoke are unintentional heroes. They are consummate survivors. They each faced crushing circumstances that chose them randomly without malice or merit. Many had little relief but chose to persevere with grace and humility. They bore up when needed, they laughed when they could, they cried , and they battled  the war within their bodies. They communicated with earnest hearts and naked souls their stories of physical and emotional vulnerability. Many had triumphed and some were still in warrior mode. From them I heard how to provide healing; how to comfort more than the skin, and how to serve with empathy. I left that night with greater knowledge and increased compassion.

How many times can you honestly say you deepened your passion for humanity? I did that night, thus making it a bottle-worthy life lesson.