At Living Well MedSkin and Laser, it is our goal to reveal the most healthy, natural looking skin attainable through minimally invasive products and services. We offer our clients only the most effective treatments, not simply the latest trend in Hollywood. Our highly experienced, talented and compassionate providers will skillfully guide you to achieving your goals through careful listening and expert care. You will come away from our services appearing not as someone who looks completely different, just a healthier, younger version of yourself.

Chad Pfefer

Dr. Chad Pfefer, MD, Medical Director

After performing numerous facial derm procedures over the years, Dr. Pfefer developed a keen interest in aesthetic medicine. His vision: highly trained and experienced personnel who take the time to listen to patients’ specific needs and concerns combined with effective, clinically proven services and products. Dr. Pfefer stands by his vision in Living Well Skin and he continues to oversee Living Well Institute for Skin and Laser, improving and expanding treatments and further researching evidenced based data with proven, effective results. He is also a well respected preceptor with Oregon Health & Science Family Nurse Practitioner Program.

Kim Pfefer

Kim Pfefer, JD, Clinic Administrator

Kim has an active role at Living Well Skin overseeing all of the staff, website design and management, SEO development, marketing, branding, services, products, location, and customer service. She is vital to the daily function of the clinic. Kim continues to provide key infrastructure allowing the aesthetic staff to perform smoothly while achieving the mission. She has both micro and macro views of the business as a stake holder and administrator. When not supporting the clinic she is a fully involved wife and mother.

Living Well Skin’s Proud Partners

Dr. Laura Matin, DDS, is a well-respected Family and Cosmetic Dentist in Beaverton, Oregon. She specializes in creating a beautiful and confident smile. She does not take a one-size-fits-all approach but tailors her procedures to individually fit your needs and your dental concerns. She has a large clientele and regularly volunteers with free dental clinics in the Portland and Beaverton area to give back to her community.